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Welcome to the Great MG Project

1967 MG MidgetThe Great MG Project was the rebuilding and renovation of a 1967 MG Midget. It was nearly completed (and driving fairly well) when the circumstances to time and Hurricane Irene colluded to cause us to sell the car. The new owner is a true MG enthusiast and has the car running nicely.

During the course of this project we discovered that a great many people posted detailed photographs of their MG restorations. Those photos were a big help in figuring out how a lot of our parts went together. The pictures here may help the you with your MG.

This Web site documents The Great MG Project through photos and some short videos. We have also listed some credits for who contributed to the project and sources for parts and information.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site as much as we got a kick out of building the car!

Thanks for visiting.

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